The Apelles Palette With Melissa Calabria

The Apelles Palette With Melissa Calabria

Melissa Calabria reveals everything she knows about how to use the Apelles Palette to paint a full rainbow of colors. She shows how to mix the palette with all of the variety that can be achieved and demonstrates how to use the various colors in a self portrait from start to finish.

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The Apelles Palette With Melissa Calabria
  • Part 1 - Understanding The Apelles Palette

    An introduction to the Apelles Palette and the various color combinations that can be created. How to get a full rainbow of colors and how they work together using color theory.

  • Part 2 - Beginning The Portrait

    How Melissa starts a portrait and where to place the rainbow of colors within the portrait. Melissa shows the variety of different colors being used in a practical sense. She shows where different colors fit in to their appropriate places within the face. You can use these color combinations and ...

  • Part 3 - Adding Depth

    Melissa shows how she glazes and adds even more complex colors to increase the volume. This is a very practical application of standard color theory in classical painting. She adds the foreground and creates a greater unity between the various parts of the painting by using her color theory demon...

  • Part 4 - Final Changes

    What you should look for in the end stage of your portrait to get color harmony. This is the final stretch of painting where Melissa demonstrates how to create a unified feel to the painting as a whole.

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